JUNE 2020

The charity has commissioned an independent evaluation report which was published during Covid19 pandemic, to demonstrate the impact of Society Inc across the Greater Manchester area.
The report, written by Dr Donna Peach of the University of Salford, showcases our services and highlights the ethos of Society Inc.

We are really proud that our ethos of "Connection before Correction" shone through the report outcomes, with solid evidence to demonstrate the importance of relationships, social inclusion, empowerment and support.

Thank you to all the clients, volunteers, partner agencies and staff who participated in interviews.

The full report can be downloaded here


JULY 2017

People felt mentors would be able to assist people in Little Hulton to find suitable employment or embark in education or training programmes

People felt mentoring would assist in motivating and empowering people in Little Hulton to make positive changes

People felt that they knew of someone in the local area who would benefit from working with a mentor

People felt there is a need for a mentoring service in Little Hulton

Based on an evaluation study in 2017 with Little Hulton residents.